Counseling Services in New Braunfels, Texas

Individual, Family, Couples and Groups

Note: Our insurance-affiliated therapists are on a four week waitlist. We highly encourage private pay.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage and Couples Counseling

Have you reached a point in your marriage where you have stopped communicating? Or it’s too painful to do so?

We can help you work through these tough times together. 

OCD and Anxiety Counseling

OCD and Anxiety Counseling

Are you struggling with your thoughts and having a hard time getting through your days?

We offer counseling for those suffering with OCD and Anxiety.


Anger Management Classes

Is your life, relationships or behavior being ruled by your anger?

We offer classes that help you learn to manage and control your anger.

As practical, interactive, solution-focused therapists, our treatment approach is to provide support and practical feedback to help clients resolve current problems and long-standing patterns. With sensitivity and compassion, we help clients find solutions to a wide range of life challenges and psychological issues.