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How Seeing a Support Group Can Help With Anger Management

Excessive anger can be a dark cloud that adversely affects your life. According to Gitnux, 8% of people with moderate anger issues have a greater chance of developing other complications in their life. Your anger issues can also put you at greater risk of developing hypertension and heart issues, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. People in your life may drift away if you cannot manage your anger, too. Taking anger management classes with support groups can be helpful, and you’ll understand how they can help after reading more below.

Help You Recognize Your Specific Type of Anger

Anger is a complex emotion, and it should come as no surprise that people experience it differently. Aspects of anger that may differ for individuals include causes, triggers, and even the means of expression. You may not realize how varied anger can be until you join a support group.

The realization may only hit you after the other people in your class start talking about their experiences with anger. Upon hearing what triggers them, you may realize that those specific triggers do not affect you. Recognizing how unique anger issues can be is essential to treating them. You can gain that perspective through mediated conversations with other people.

Help You Feel More Understood

Your excessive anger can drive your loved ones away. Learning that the type of anger you experience is unique may only cause your feelings of isolation to intensify. Of course, isolation doesn’t have to be the norm for you. Attending anger management classes with a support group is specifically designed to eliminate those feelings of isolation.

Even if certain elements of your anger may be unique, everyone in your support may still be able to empathize with your struggle. They know better than anyone just how much living with excessive anger can take a toll on a person. Those shared experiences can help you form strong connections that eventually help you get better.

Help You Practice Anger Management Techniques

During one-on-one anger management classes, you can learn techniques that help rein in your emotions. However, you may be unable to tell how effective those techniques are because you cannot use them in relevant situations. That’s where your support group comes in. Practice those anger management techniques until you feel good about the results.

Taking control of your anger will take a lot of work, but it can be done. Working with a support group will make that challenge easier to overcome. Contact RiverBend Counseling today if you’re interested in learning more about our services.