Proven Couples Counseling New Braunfels Residents Love

  • Have you done everything you can to save and rehabilitate your marriage?
  • Do you have unfinished emotional business that you would like to resolve?
  • Have you researched, planned, and prepared yourself legally for divorce?
  • Are you ready to adopt a new standard of conduct with your children?
  • Are you willing to create a new relationship as a co-parent?

Have you ever observed couples that seem crazy in love and you wish that your relationship looked like that? Do you feel like you are missing a significant piece to the puzzle of a happy, long lasting relationship? Or, maybe you feel like you have tried everything you can think of, to save your marriage but nothing works. And, if asked, you might define your relationship as ongoing conflict and turmoil.

Although puzzling, it may be that sometimes you feel that your spouse is a stranger. After all, your marriage did not start out this way. You used to know your spouse so well and everything was going great. It is overwhelming to experience the feeling of uncertainty of your relationship status and where it is headed.

Couples Counseling in New Braunfels

Many of the couples I work with have lost the ability to talk to each other with respect and understanding. In fact, several of them reach the point where it is less painful to stop talking to each other altogether, instead of discussing the same issues over and over again. If you are in this place, or it feels like you are heading there, give me a call. Address the difficult topics and begin to uncover the many reasons that you began your relationship in the first place. When you need couples counseling in New Braunfels, we can work together to strengthen your relationship.